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Could Aerial Robots Assist Future Civil Construction Projects?

September 24, 2014 0 Comments

Aerial robots (flying robots) are currently being developed to inspect infrastructure which could assist with Civil Construction Projects.

Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing IZFP Researchers (in Saarbrucken, Germany) are currently working on the “Octocopter”. It is a miniature remote controlled aerial robot that is fitted with a High-res digital camera. The initial purpose of the robot is to inspect aging buildings and infrastructure within Germany for damage.

The upsides of using the aerial robots for Civil Construction Projects are:

  • allowing the safe inspection of structural conditions
  • they can access areas that humans cannot
  • no need for specialist equipment such as cranes or helicopters – saving money
  • time reduction on inspection of project – again saving money
  • the High-res digital camera picks up what the naked eye fails to see
  • the digital camera will produce 2D and 3D data models

Currently the capabilities of the prototype aerial robot includes the ability to hover, avoidance of collision with structures and other obstacles due to sensors, and maintain steady flight despite weather conditions.

With more features being added, it’s quite possible that these aerial robots will revolutionise the inspection process and planning of infrastructure, increase safety for Civil Construction Projects, and save the industry money.

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