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CivilWorks Saves Civil Construction Projects

September 17, 2014 1 Comment

A new app, called CivilWorks™, was designed to reduce cost miscalculations in the Civil Construction Industry.

After more than 25 years in the Civil Construction Industry, Shane Dodd of Ballarat, Victoria created the cost calculations app to cater specifically to the needs of the Civil Construction Industry. Shane witnessed first-hand the need for something like CivilWorks™ to reduce the calculation errors that occur within the Civil Construction Industry. These mistakes cost Australian businesses more than $177 million in needless expenses each year.

To check out some videos from Onsite Civil Solutions and CivilWorks™ in action visit:

CivilWorks™ :

  • performs all on-site mathematical calculations from your civil construction data
  • provides a set of formulas for sewer mains and drainage calculations, civil engineering calculations, road and civil construction calculations, and civil volume calculations
  • was developed based on many years of hands-on experience in civil construction and major land development projects
  • retains all your data on-screen to ensure errors do not occur
  • allows calculations, input data and results to be emailed easily to your contacts for approval, ordering and confirmation
  • supports and promotes traceability, accountability and archiving for project management
  • allows project managers to better supervise front line staff and construction tasks remotely
  • provides a daily view of your worksite through calculation communications
  • facilitates communication between on-site tasks and off-site management roles.

“Everyone who has used it has said it was fantastic and will continue to use it and recommend it,” said Dodd.

To download the App please visit:

Main users of the CivilWorks™ App are:

  • Civil Engineering Groups,
  • Civil Construction Companies,
  • Local councils engaged in Urban Infrastructure, Public Works Construction, and water and sewerage utilities.
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  1. Hello Civil Construction Courses,

    Thank you very much for publishing this article about our app, CivilWorks!

    And thanks for the great idea to include the link to our instructional videos – we appreciate it.

    For your readers, please note that we also have an Apple version of CivilWorks, available here:

    Is there any chance you could please put the link to iTunes within your article too? Thank you in advance.

    Best wishes,
    Shahan – Marketing Manager, On-Site Civil Solutions

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