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Max Cranes

December 13, 2018 0 Comments

South Australian crane-hire company Max Cranes recently announced that they were seeking national expansion with the delivery of the largest telescopic crane in their headquarters in Port Augusta.

The new German-designed Liebherr all-terrain crane has a towering height of up to 188m (when fully extended) which is three times the height of the Sydney Opera House. Wow! That amazing sight would surely cause some operatic performers to hit and maintain a high C!

It also has a 1200 tonne capacity. This allows the firm to compete against the large, multinationals in the Australian crane hire market. This new crane is now considered the crown jewel of the new Max Heavy Lift team division, which encompasses 12000t, 500t and 400t cranes. This new division aims to compete for the most demanding projects; from shipbuilding and civil engineering through mining, construction and energy throughout Australia.

Mark Kuhn, Max Cranes Co-Founder and Managing Director, said the purchase was originally made in response to the demands of the wind renewable energy sector. The crane will be used for the maintenance of the highest wind towers, to lift off the rotor, and allow a changeover of gearboxes and other equipment on the turbine.

According to Kuhn “The 1200 tonner opens up the ability to deliver on jobs we would never have been able to do before, from construction and civil engineering through to mining and oil & gas, that in turn puts pressure on internal resources, such as transport and logistics.”

The exciting thing for the Civil Construction industry is that Max Cranes has already created new job opportunities for project managers, mechanical and support supervisors, as well as operators, riggers and truck drivers.

“We have hand-picked personnel who are being trained now for the very specific skills this machine demands,” Mr Kuhn said.  “They love their job – they get to work on the best crane in the world, with technology and safety features that are second to none.” He added.

Max Cranes is currently the sole crane provider at the Port Pirie Nyrstar Lead Smelter, which has already employed hundreds of people through their redevelopment projects. Some of their other clients include Santos, Liberty OneSteel, BHP, Enerven/SA Power Networks, RCR Tomlinson, Suzlon, Vestas, and Siemens to name a few.


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