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New Laws from the NHVR

December 19, 2013 0 Comments

The Civil Construction Industry will be impacted by new laws from the NHVR.

If you have any role in the civil construction industry then you need to be aware of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. Heavy vehicles of all types are a critical component of all civil works so the national regulator is the place to go in order to be up to date.

Our first recommendation would be to visit the NHVR website and register as a subscriber to the newsletter updates.

It is especially important at the moment to remain in the know as the NHVR finalises its national law and regulations that relate to One Regulator, One Rule.

This is a process that is happening in many parts of the construction industry, not just civil. The various state and federal governments have been working together to develop and implement single national standards and regulations. It is well overdue for streamlining and so a recent announcement by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has made it worthwhile to comment on it.

The NHVR Board recently advised Australia’s Transport Ministers that the start date for the Heavy Vehicle National Law was moved from 1 September 2013, due to the need for more testing of the NHVR’s critical IT system for access permits (that performs up to 100,000 transactions a year).

At this point the new date being targeted for the introduction is scheduled to be announced at any time. Nothing will change until the new date is announced but once it does then the new NVHR systems and the rule book that goes with it will roll out in every state except WA and NT. Those states still have to ratify the new system but they are likely to follow soon after.

What will change?

When the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) commences, the (NHVR) will be responsible for the administration and regulation of one national rule book for heavy vehicles which are over 4.5 tonnes in gross vehicle mass.

For the first time, all heavy vehicle operators and drivers in the supply chain in those states and territories where the law is introduced will be working by the same rules, regardless of where they operate.

For more detailed information check out the One Regulator One Rule Book.

For more general information about the NHVR go to the NHVR Website.

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