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Road Congestion a Reflection of the Need for Civil Works

January 21, 2016 0 Comments

The majority of Australians commute great distances – whether it be for work or play – and  with the surge in population every year, cities across Australia are suffering from road congestion. This doesn’t just impact the lifestyle of city dwellers, but also the economy as a whole.

Road Congestion

Road Congestion shows need for Civil Works

According to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economic (BITRE), traffic congestion is expected to cost the Australian economy $16.5 billion and will continue rise up to $37 billion by 2030.


In Sydney alone (Australia’s most populous city) road congestion is predicted to cost a hefty $12.60 billion by 2030. Melbourne and Brisbane are projected to cost at around $4.62 billion and $2.29 billion respectively.

The release of these alarming figures is prompting Australian policy makers to seek major infrastructure development – a big boost in the civil works sector. The goal is to resolve the worsening congestion that is already drilling a hole in the government’s pocket… and ultimately the Australian people.

Brendan Lyon, Chief Executive of Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, said the expected cost for road congestion in indicative of urgent infrastructure development across Australia. An appeal was made to reform pricing of roadway development in order to expedite the situation.

“We have spent a decade attempting increment fixes to fundamental flaws in the current approach,” said Lyon.

“We hope that the release of today’s statistic will signal to political leaders that we are up for a discussion about real reform, and that a process to properly consider pricing reform will be actively supported by overhaul.”

“Charging drivers dependent on when, where and how they use their vehicles can change demand patterns.” He added.

Mark Birrel, chairman of Infrastructure Australia, also stepped in to call for immediate road overhauls.

“Major reforms are needed to improve the way we finance and operate infrastructure to ensure it can underpin gains in Australia’s productivity and employment growth in decades ahead,” said Birrell. “It’s time for the nation to treat population growth as a fact, a fact our nation should accept and gear up for.”

While road congestion, population stats and the red flags they have raised might alarm daily commuters, the solutions are a boost for the Civil Works sector.

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