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Road and Rail Upgrades in Qld

January 16, 2017 0 Comments

Infrastructure Upgrades

Upgrades to Queensland Infrastructure is a huge boost for the Civil Construction Industry

A projected $300 million investment is expected in Queensland’s first State Infrastructure plan for critical road and rail upgrades. Included in the plan is the replacement of the State’s old timber bridges with more durable concrete bridges.

Concrete is a low maintenance, yet long lasting and structurally suitable building material for both civil and building constructions. It has a proven track record as one of the most durable materials for any type of construction.

Renato Perucchio from The University of Rochester in New York explains that while Roman concrete is 10 times weaker than modern concrete, the fact that roman buildings are still standing is proof that the material has impeccable resistance to wear and tear.

To further understand why timber bridges are being replaced with concrete bridges by the Queensland government, here are a few statements from the State organisations:

Queensland Rail:
“As part of this project, ageing timber bridges will be replaced with steel and concrete structures to improve reliability, operational safety and efficiency of services on the rail corridor.”

Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland:
“Four existing timber bridges at Fiery Creek, Lonely Creek, Boundary Creek and Cut Creek will be replaced with new concrete structures as part of the Peak Downs Highway timber bridges replacement project. The new bridges will improve the safety, capacity and reliability of the Peak Downs Highway particularly for the heavy vehicle and freight industries. Replacing the old timber bridges is the most cost effective long term solution considering ongoing maintenance costs for the timber bridges and the benefits provided by the new concrete structures.”

Queensland Government, Dept. of State Development:
“Due to the current load limit on the bridges, school buses now travel a further distance to their destination.”

Australian Federal Government:
“By upgrading these bridges from, for example, by replacing one-lane timber bridges with two-lane concrete bridges, residents will enjoy better and more reliable road access. Freight from farms and local factories will be able to pass safely along quicker routes with greatly improved productivity.”

Through this project, the future generations of Australia – as well as visitors – will be able to use the new and improved infrastructure over a longer period of time. Also, by using longer spanning and more durable precast, local communities within Australia will be able to enjoy more reliable bridges, thereby lessening delays that may impede productivity, particularly during the wet season.

In these modern times, it is undeniable that the demand for safe and reliable infrastructure is heightened not only in civil construction but in the residential and commercial building space as well.

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