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Statistics on Employee Fatigue

October 16, 2018 0 Comments

As the demand for new infrastructure increases, more and more employees in the building, construction, transportation, manufacturing, and utilities sectors are experiencing fatigue, not only putting their health at risk – but also resulting in declines in productivity. ☹

According to Fatigue in Safety-Critical Industries studies, about 69% of workers tire easily, thereby increasing the risk of workplace injuries. The result highlights work-related fatigue in high risk industries where elaborate and critical work is common.

The survey also shows how employees view the risks and consequences of feeling tired at work. It revealed that about 90% of employees agree that fatigue affects productivity and compromises safety in the workplaces, while only 72% view fatigue as an actual safety concern.

Other findings mentioned in the report include:

  • 97% of employers in the transportation industry feel the impact of fatigue – the highest among all safety-critical industries that were reported on
  • Nearly all – 95%– of employers in Utilities said it is unsafe to drive while tired, but just 66% of employees in that industry agreed
  • 100% of construction workers report having at least one risk factor for fatigue
  • 46% of construction workers say they work during high-risk hours, such as at night or early morning
  • Transportation industry employees who reported at least one risk factor for fatigue cited long shifts (42%) and sleep loss (48%)

Emily Whitcomb, Senior Program Manager of Fatigue Initiative states:

“We’ve been looking at the impact of fatigue in the workplace for a long time, but it is troubling to see just how affected our safety-sensitive industries are,”

“When you’re tired, you can be deadly and these industries are already at higher risk because of their safety sensitive jobs. We urge employers to address fatigue risk in their workplace so all employees can be healthy and safe.”

Lack of sleep is a major factor for fatigue and it costs countries and industries across the globe – not only in monetary terms, but also productivity and worker’s safety.


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