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Sustainable Waste Management Promotes Cultural Shift in the Construction Industry

January 13, 2016 0 Comments

The Australian construction and civil construction industries are among the leading contributors to generating heaps of waste to landfill. On average, about 40% of construction and demolition is dumped. This has alerted the government to initiate strategies to reduce construction waste. One of those initiatives is encouraging construction companies to practice sustainable waste management.

Waste Management

It’s time for proactive Waste Management

As the market continues to see the value in sustainability, major construction firms and civil works in Australia have embraced proper waste management practices in order to care for the environment while gaining market edge over their competitors.

Some of Australia’s top construction companies are now recycling and reusing up to 94% of their construction waste. This waste management practice effectively decreases the amount of scrap heading to landfill and at the same time cuts the cost for waste disposal.

Landfill fees, while they vary from city to city, can be expensive. However, recycling depots often charge little to no fee for separated waste materials such as masonry, concrete, clean fill, or untreated wood. By recycling and separating waste, several companies have turned their waste into potential savings.

For example, Project Coordination Australia (a partner of WasteWise) has reported the economic benefits they are reaping from waste recycling. They have been recycling metal scraps to avoid paying landfill fees. They only pay for transporting the bins to the recycling depot, giving them a hefty amount of savings that goes straight towards their profit.

Evidently, this initiative is contributing to  a cultural shift in the construction and civil construction industries as more and more companies are seeing the value in sustainability. Organisations who are committed to practising sustainable waste management have received rightful recognition for their efforts. The Australian Institute of Building received an excellence award for environmental building and waste management.

These awards and recognitions are proof that the construction industry is capable of embracing ecological change in the process of waste management. The on-going cultural shift in the industry does not only improve sustainability but also fosters competitiveness among construction companies. This encourages other firms to be pro-active with their waste management processes with the aim to protect the environment and the community as a whole.

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